How To Prepare For An Interview At The Last Minute

Seeking out new employment can be a daunting and stressful task; it’s difficult to guess when, or if, your potential employer will get back to you with an interview date. However, if they do get back to you, they may give you an unrealistic timeframe in order to prepare for the interview.

Of course, we’d always advise you to prepare beforehand for any interview fully, but if you’re applying to various jobs, it’s completely unrealistic and a waste of time to learn about every company you’re applying to. If you’ve been given an interview date within the next 24 hours, don’t panic! Following the advice outlined below will be more than enough to reduce your pre-interview anxiety and will allow your personality and confidence to shine during the interview itself.

Do your research

While preparing for your interview you should try and find out as much about the actual interview itself as you can, if possible. Of course for certain jobs, some of these points will be invalid or unnecessary, but they should help out the majority.

Call the person who contacted you to schedule your interview and find out the following information:

  • Who will be conducting your interview? Are you scheduled to meet the manager or owner? Or are you meeting someone from HR?
  • What is the dress code? There is no such thing as being overdressed, especially when an interview is concerned. Always dress higher than their expectation. If you are in competition with other individuals who have the same qualifications or qualities as yourself, your higher level of professional appearance could be the thing that makes or breaks your job offer.
  • Ask for directions on how to find the interview office. It’s easy enough to find business locations via Google/Apple maps, but certain establishments will have a lot of offices, which may make finding your interviewer challenging. If you think you’ll be late, due to traffic, be sure to ring them beforehand.
  • Ask for a detailed job description, if one wasn’t provided initially.

Again, only follow these if they apply to the business you’re visiting.

Learn about the company

With how readily available information is on the internet, there’s no excuse for you to at least not know the basics about the company you’re hoping to join. The employer’s website and a few Google searches should provide sufficient information.

Try and find things like:

  • Where the name of the company came from, as well as when it was started.
  • How big the company is, whether that’s employees or average annual sales statistics.
  • Recent news about the company, whether it be a new CEO, or a new product range.
  • Who the company’s target audience is.

An early night can do wonders

It can be difficult to get a full night’s sleep prior to an interview, especially if it’s for a job that you really want or need, but there is nothing better than being fully rested for an interview. Lay out your outfit before you go to bed, including undergarments, so you won’t even have to think about anything else except getting up the next day.

Having a full night’s sleep will also allow you to leave a little earlier than you normally would, allowing to compensate for any unexpected traffic.