4 Stress Relief Exercises That Will Calm Your Interview Anxiety

Most people don’t enjoy being judged, or looked at through a metaphorical magnifying glass; but unfortunately, that’s exactly what a job interview is. More importantly, though, is that it’s your only shot at showing the interviewer that you’re the correct person for the job. If you show a lack of confidence, is doesn’t matter how good your resume is, the interviewer will not take to you, and they will likely offer the job to a possibly less qualified, but more confident candidate.

If you suffer from pre-interview anxiety, you are not alone. The majority of adults will find the stress of a job interview affects their ability to show off their true self, as well as making them more like to make mistakes, that they wouldn’t have done in any other situation.
Take control of your nerves by following some of these stress relief exercises.

It’s all in your head

There’s no need to stare at yourself in a mirror and ask yourself questions, like some cliché business person from a movie, but preparing for potential questions in your head has been shown to increase confidence.
Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and visualize yourself confidently answering the standard questions that you’d normally expect to receive in an interview. This will make you feel confident, strong, and proud, as you visualize how easy and successful your interview is going to be.

Listen to your favorite music

Turning off the radio or not listening to a music player is quite common for people who are traveling to an interview, as you feel like you can’t possibly relax beforehand, in fact, I used to be guilty of this myself. However, the best thing you can do is whack on your favorite playlist and sing your heart out.
Listening to songs that you find empowering will fill you with confidence and will help to flush away any negativity or stress that you’ve accumulated over the last few hours.

Get on YouTube

No, this isn’t to find a business pep talk video or motivational speech, it’s to find humorous videos to watch. Watching a few hilarious (it’s up to you to dictate what is hilarious) videos before heading off for your interview has been shown to relax your mind and body, and put you in a better mood overall. Just make sure to keep an eye on the time and not to watch too many; otherwise you may run the risk of being late for your appointment.

Visualize your fears

In principle, this sounds like a counterproductive idea for a calming exercise list, but when preparing for an interview, ask yourself what potential bad situations are you afraid of occurring?
Instead of smothering your fears with positivity, harness these fears and play them out in your head. Once you’ve done that, think about how you could react to them. They won’t seem so bad after all, and if for some miracle of chance they happen later on in real life, you may be quicker to rectify it as you won’t be caught completely off guard.


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