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About the Company

Our company is a technology startup committed to use data analytics and machine learning to improve the legal practice in the United States and China. The ultimate goal is to make high quality legal service affordable and available to all who need it. We rely on expert technologists to build and apply machine learning, clustering, predictive models, regression, and other statistical methods to preform time consuming and costly legal tasks that are suitable for automation.

Our initial target is to use machine learning to help expert discovery in the U. S. litigation. We are building a network of scientific experts and supporting software to match the right expert to attorneys’ litigation needs. We are in the process of rolling out services to law firms including providing on point publications in science, medicine, economy and statistics uncovered by our experts and machine learning tools to support attorneys’ positions in court.

We also plan to use machine learning to evaluate patents. We are working on the analytics of a variety of relevant data, in particular the unstructured data including case law and other legal precedents, statutes, legislative materials, scholarly references, administrative precedents and procedures, and paper documents related to the patented subject matter and patent application documents. The analytics would allow us to provide predicative analysis of strength and potential weakness of the patents to help attorneys in patent licensing negotiations, corporate transaction due diligence, and pre litigation investigation and strategic planning.

Position Summary

Our internship program generally lasts 4 to 8 weeks with flexible starting date. We are looking for qualified candidates for the following internship positions:

Financial analyst. The intern would perform financial analysis of the U. S. legal market trends including the current litigation costs for different types of cases, the detail breakdown of the cost structure, the attorney’s fee structure, the potential impact by artificial intelligence on legal costs, and the social impact of artificial intelligence in the law practice. The analyst should be prepared to produce well researched high quality reports, which potentially could be submitted for publication. Candidates should have sufficient finance background and strong analytical and writing skills. Some familiarity with the U.S. legal practice is preferred but not required.

Industry analyst. The intern would perform research and help establish database on academic and industrial experts in areas relevant to current legal practice in the United States, including science, medicine, math, engineering, economy, and government regulations. The intern may be required make contact and engage these experts to consult for the current projects at our group. Candidates should have strong interpersonal and communication skills. Proficiency with standard internet search tools and excel is desired.

Data Science intern. The intern will be involved in building the company’s web portal, internal database, and analytics programs for improving the efficiency of the legal practice. This is a technical position and requires the following experience and skills: major in computer science, applied mathematics, or other quantitative computational discipline; experience with open source machine learning and statistical analysis tools; coding experience, either in Python or R (knowledge of both is a plus); and ability to communicate complex ideas in data science; working knowledge of SQL; good knowledge at least in a few of: multivariate regression, random forests, classification algorithms & learning methods (supervised and unsupervised). The position also requires excellent analytical and problem-solving skills and strong oral and written communication skills.

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